About Us

Overload Fitness is a start up created by two mates who share a passion for gym and fitness. We have an abundance of knowledge and experience about getting people long term results. We understand now more than ever that peoples’ fitness goals have been derailed due to circumstances beyond their control. This is why we came together to establish Overload Fitness. Our vision is simple; to supply the highest quality workout equipment and supplements at an affordable price. We’ve sourced our gear from the same factories that supply larger well known brands, only without the premium price tag. Get to know each of us more down below.


I am a qualified Personal Trainer with more than 8 years of lifting experience. My training is focused around building strength through heavy compound movements whilst also developing a well rounded physique through high volume body-building type workouts. Helping others who are looking to achieve the same is what I enjoy most about being a trainer. With Overload Fitness, I set out with the same purpose; none of the gear you’ll find on our site will ever hold you back from your next PR. 


Playing sports and exercising has always been a passion of mine so when I started lifting weights in my teens I knew this was going to be a lifelong endeavour whether it involved callisthenics, bodybuilding or powerlifting. There is nothing quite like the feeling of completing goals, smashing a PR or getting a glorious pump at the gym, something that is truly unique to this lifestyle. I love sharing this passion with like-minded individuals and Overload Fitness is another way for us to connect with those people.

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