Home Gym Setup vs Commercial Gym Membership

Home Gym Setup vs Commercial Gym Membership

by Joel Bedic

The global pandemic events that occurred throughout 2020 that caused commercial gyms to close paved way for the home gym or garage gym movement. That’s not to say these home set ups were something new, they’ve been around for quite some time. Some even considered this the more hardcore and committed way of training. 

Ultimately, whether you joined us years ago or whether you were forced to come down this rabbit hole just to keep training a part of your life, you had to weigh up the pros and cons of each.

In this Overload Fitness blog post, we’ll be breaking down the pros and cons of a Home Gym Investment vs a Commercial Gym membership, considering the financial side of things but also the intangibles of each.  

The average price of the 5 leading commercial gyms in Australia is roughly around $830.00 . This was taking the lowest level of membership available for each gym as some had more exclusive memberships that were in excess of $3000 per year. In addition to the ongoing monthly debits for your membership, all of the top 5 had some sort of joining fee or fee associated with their access key. Again, this ranged from $25 up to $99, however the average fell on the higher side at $70. All up the first year of a commercial gym membership will cost around $900. 

home gym set up

When it comes to home gym setups you can spend as little or as much as you want. The beauty in owning a home gym is that it's completely up to you what it's made up of. Think of how many machines in the gym you never ever use and how many times you’ve had to wait for the ones you need. Owning a home gym means your money is only going towards things that you’ll get practical use out of. Even if you’re an advanced lifter that makes use of a huge range of equipment, there are equipment packages that will cater to your needs. For example, our Ultimate Home Gym package that’s currently priced at $2999.

We don’t blame you that price tag scared you a little, but to put that in perspective, in under four years at a commercial gym you would have already made your money back with our Ultimate Home Gym package. Now if you consider training at a commercial gym your whole life, that could be anywhere from 20-50 years. With an average gym membership that would cost you $18,000-$45,000. With this kind of money, you could easily deck out an amazing home gym for a fraction of the price. 


There are also huge benefits of owning a home gym that don’t present themselves financially such as the convenience, privacy, customisation and freedom you have with a home gym setup. Below we’ve outlined in detail the pros and cons of both a home gym investment and a commercial gym membership. 





Home Gym

  • Convenience: having your own home gym means you can instantly access your gym. No time wastage travelling to a gym or waiting for someone to finish using equipment that you need. Walk 30 seconds to your house of gains and get training right away! 
  • Customise your setup: often commercial gyms have a large range of equipment but you have ever just thought, why the hell do they have three seated calf raise machines, I mean who trains calves anyway? With your own home gym you can purchase equipment specifically for your needs and training style  
  • Privacy: train when you want, how you want, with the music you want, as LOUD as you want! All that hard work, blood, sweat and tears and you can’t even drop weights, grunt or take your shirt off to admire those gains. With a home gym setup you have complete freedom to train the way you want to train and blast your favourite tunes to get through those difficult sets. 
  • Money: money doesn’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a dream home gym set up and at a fraction of the cost of ongoing gym memberships. If you plan to commit to a healthy lifestyle for life, you will save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on a home gym setup when compared to yearly gym membership fees. Remember it’s not about having the most extravagant gym equipment with all the bells and whistles, it’s how you use your equipment to train effectively. 
  • All hours access, guaranteed! 
  • Higher initial start up cost 
  • Small spaces can be a limiting factor for a home gym, however with the products such as adjustable dumbbells and multi-trainers you’d be surprised how much you can fit in a small space. 

Commercial Gym Membership

  • Lower start-up cost 
  • Wide variety of equipment and machines 
  • Limited trading hours 
  • More costly overtime 
  • Lack of privacy 
  • Busy peak times: many people train before or after work. Since many people are on this same schedule, commercial gyms often become overcrowded and machines that you want to use are taken for extended periods of time. They say the most valuable asset is time and training at a commercial gym can lead to time wastage during your busy day. 
  • Travel: commuting to a gym can also take up valuable time especially if you’re travelling during peak hour 


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