DIY deadlift platform - Garage Gym

DIY deadlift platform - Garage Gym

by Zachary Le

This week on the Overload Fitness Customer Spotlight of the Week we have long standing customer Anthony from Granville NSW share his garage gym featuring his own DIY deadlift platform!

When gyms closed their doors in NSW back in March, Anthony took it upon himself to continue his training no matter what! Unfortunately, a DIY powerbar and bumper plates were a bit beyond his expertise but that's where the team at Overload Fitness were able to assist. 


Adjustable Squat Stands, Gym Bench, Weight Bumper Plates, Olympic Barbells


Ever since he embarked on his Home Gym journey, Anthony hasn't stepped foot inside a commercial gym! Check out his set up and let us know if you've done any DIY projects in your own home gym!


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