1. How to lose fat? Calorie deficits explained
    If you’ve ever researched how to lose weight, you’ll most likely have heard of the term ‘calorie deficit’. This Overload Fitness blog post will go ...
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  2. Home Gym Setup vs Commercial Gym Membership
    Breaking down the pros and cons of investing in a home gym set up vs paying for a regular gym membership. Check it out!
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  3. DIY deadlift platform - Garage Gym
    This week on the Overload Fitness Customer Spotlight of the Week we have long standing customer Anthony from Granville NSW share his garage gym fea...
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  4. Squat bench and deadlift for Powerlifter
    This time on the Overload Fitness Customer Spotlight of the Week, we are showcasing a very scenic set up belonging to Stefan from Bexley, NSW.    ...
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  5. Deluxe Home Gym Package
    Today we’ve chosen to highlight one of our longest standing customers who’s supported us from day 1 – Kevin from Glebe, NSW
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  6. Training Frequency

    This time we went through the principal of training frequency and how it could be the KEY to making gains during lockdown.

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  7. Our Mission
    We understand that fitness isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle
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  8. COVID-19 Home Gym Update
    COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected millions of Australians across the country.
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